I’m Ginger. It’s nice to meet you!

As a Master Vocal Coach for 30 years, I have worked with 100s of talented performers who have been selected for leads in their school shows, won talent competitions and received significant scholarships to highly-regarded universities.

For years, many of my students have sought me out for life coaching on how to manage nerves and anxiety. As a Life Coach to High Achieving Performers, it’s all about mindset & true confidence. I help my students to reconcile with the internal critic within so they can authentically express a grounded vulnerability that no external force can hijack.

YOU, as the performer, can walk into that audition or stage, knowing you ARE the solution.
YOU are enough.
You’ve ALWAYS been enough.

In my Vocal Coaching & Life Coaching program, you will hone your craft & maximize your presence.

Don’t outsource your win!
Join the process in becoming a strong, authentic performer!
You’ve Got This!

Ginger Allen
Ginger Allen

My certifications

  • Bachelor of Arts – Vocal Performance Degree
    Colorado Christian University
  • Vocal Pedagogy Master Level Training – Penn State
  • Bible Minor – Colorado Christian University
  • Life Coach Certification – The Life Coach School

Let’s get to know each other!

How I help my clients

Lots of students have the ability to sing but not many can contend with the competition without a highly skilled vocal coach. After decades of experience, continuing education in vocal science, & developing teaching material, I can take my students to an impressive proficient level.

As a life coach who loves teens, it is the thrill of my life to show my clients how the quality of their lives can drastically change for the better! I create awareness of how their thoughts & beliefs are keeping them from the life they desire. Each client learns to discern what they want, who they are & then brilliantly designs their future.