Welcome to Resilient Woman 2.0!

After living 50+ years, I have experienced a heck of a lot!  

So have YOU!

  • Family Trauma
  • Rejection
  • Deception
  • Betrayal
  • Infidelity
  • Abuse (emotional, verbal & spiritual)
  • Slander
  • Neglect
People make choices. Those decisions sometimes hurt…a lot. Grief. Despair. So much loss. Heartache.

Is this YOU?


Yea, me too!

I allowed accusations & words to define me.

I became a powerless victim.

I let my thoughts go down a black hole. I was sure my life was over. My good friend and life coach had heard enough for way too long…she told me the bold truth… “Ginger, I’m sick of hearing about your BS story!”


That woke me up!

For the first time ever… I realized I had given ALL my power away! What a wake up call! It was exactly what I needed to hear!


The powerless “victim” was left behind that day.

A resilient warrior took its place!

Our circumstances aren’t the issue! Our thoughts create all the turmoil!

Good news…

We can control our thoughts! Our brains want to tell a story of…heartache, loss, rejection

I’m a victim! Woe is me!


I’m here to show you how your grief is your OPPORTUNITY

Don’t waste your pain!

Use the tough times to create THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!

You’ve got this!

I’m here to help you become aware of intrusive thoughts that are stealing your JOY!

Without changing your circumstances, you can choose to live an amazing life! I am here to show you how.

Hi Friend!

I am a Certified Life Coach who has been in the trenches of pain & well acquainted with grief…

I’m here to introduce a whole new perspective!

It’s life changing!

My life can be summarized by one word: Kintsugi

Kintsugi is the process the Japanese use to repair broken pottery with powdered gold.

The gold brings attention to the break on purpose and celebrates its uniqueness.

The flaws & imperfections are proudly displayed.

Once the broken form is repaired with gold, it is much stronger than the original.

The Japanese art of Kintsugi holds parallel symbolism in my life and yours.

Like a fractured pottery form, my life really was shattered & broken.

I unknowingly allowed people’s words & faulty views of me to become my belief system. This wreaked havoc in the deepest part of who I KNEW I was. My life was the broken pottery. The gold used to put the shattered pieces together? My thoughts. My core beliefs about ME.

You are NOT your past.

You are NOT what others say about you.

Your brain wants to repeat the toxic BS story that has been spoken over your life.

Have you had enough yet?

I had.

Unloved • Anxious • Overlooked • Insignificant • Betrayed • Deceived

Is this YOU?

My life, as I knew it, came crashing down.

Another woman?!?!


The first thing I said? “I forgive you.” The first thing I did? I stopped the hands on my cherished grandfather clock. Time stood still. Shocked. Speechless. Disoriented.  

Can you relate?

In realizing my husband’s infidelity, a friend asked me to describe myself and what I wanted in life after getting a divorce.

I couldn’t.

I didn’t know what I liked to do.
I didn’t know what I wanted to wear.
Favorite restaurant?!?!
I didn’t know who I was.

I had given that power away decades ago.

Time stood still as I realized …

I had lost ME.

I betrayed myself …I realized I had become very small.

If this is YOU, I’ve been there.

Through much betrayal & deception of those around me, I have learned to have my own back and entrust my life to THE ONE who has ALWAYS had my back, God.

I am the Life Coach for you…


If you’ve experienced emotional & religious abuse by the hands of others


If you’ve experienced the pain of your husband’s betrayal & infidelity


If you’re realizing you were meant for more